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  • 35 million plus gallons of excess daily water capacity available with an economic incentive for new businesses

Following is an overview of Erie’s primary utility resources:

Public Utility Commission Contact Information (Phone: 717-783-1740)

Distribution CompanyCommunities ServedDeregulated
FirstEnergy PenelecMost of Erie County (Tariff Info)Yes, Signed into law, 1996
Northwestern Rural Electric Cooperative4,662 customers in southern Erie CountyYes, Signed into law, 1996
National FuelMost of Erie County (Rate Info)Signed into law, June 1999
North East Heat & Light CompanyNorth East, PASigned into law, June 1999
Erie Water WorksMost of Erie County Population (Rate Info)N/A
VerizonErie CountyN/A
Vineyard Oil and GasWestern PA and New YorkSigned into law, June 1999