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Erie's Lead Economic Development Team
This team provides a customer-centered approach to investment. As the entry point into Erie's economic development system, the team provides potential and current investors with a coordinated connection to an exclusive source of counsel, advice and direction regarding available programs to address their specific business needs.
The Erie Business Action Team provides proactive outreach and coordinated follow-up to existing businesses to thank them for employing people and doing business in Erie, find out what needs and issues they are facing and connect them to available resources to help them grow and expand in Erie. View the EBAT Wheel, a helpful tool to understanding the economic development system in our region.
Tap Into Erie is a targeted outreach and marketing campaign aimed at growing and expanding companies in water-intensive industries including food/beverage manufacturing, craft brewing and alternative energy producers. The goal is to market Erie's greatest asset - water. The campaign is additionally aimed at getting “Erie” into the minds of decision-makers when considering expansion or relocation.
The Takt Triangle is the global manufacturing "Center of Excellence" bounded by Erie, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo. "Takt" is a manufacturing term meaning the shortest amount of time to produce something for it to be profitable. It’s also German for "metronome". Simply put, in the Takt Triangle region, we’re setting the pace for the manufacturing industry and helping manufacturers grow.
Through outreach conducted by the Erie Business Action Team (housed at the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership) over the last several years – and collaborative discussion of the 13-member Lead Economic Development Team of Erie County – it has been determined that there is an immediate need to undertake a comprehensive census of employers to formulate a more clear picture of where the job openings are and where they will be.