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Regional Chamber Invites CBS Documentary Crew Back

Mar 09, 2017 | Posted in ERCGP in the News, News

Posted: Mar 07, 2017 6:58 PM EST
By Lisa Adams

After the CBS on-line documentary, "Manufacturing Hope," aired last week, the Erie region went on defense. Member businesses of the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership called their leadership, encouraging them to invite the crew back, to hear what they call "the rest of the story."

The chamber listened, and decided to issue an invitation to correspondent Jamie Yuccas, asking her to make a second visit here with her documentary crew. Regional Chamber president Barbara Chaffee said, "We have written the reporter and producer of the piece to ask them to please consider coming back so we hope that will happen one day in the future."

As the local CBS affiliate, Erie News Now reached out to the crew too. It seems that they had always planned to return for part two of their original documentary. In a Twitter conversation with area residents, Yuccas said, "We plan to come back, we planned to come back even before the story aired." We know they are continuing their research on our community, but so far the return visit is not finalized.

If they do return, the Erie Regional Chamber believes it has more stories to tell. Their members don't dispute the personal stories of pain over lost jobs, shared in the initial CBSN documentary, and how individual workers are facing those challenges. But they want to share the larger story of how the community as a whole is driven to move the region forward.

One tool to tell the story, may be found in the latest issue of the chamber's on-line magazine. "Erie Edge" hit the inboxes of every chamber member on Tuesday. The cover story is "Ground Breaking News," What's Going Up in Erie. It shows building blocks of all the businesses, educational institutions and hospitals making major investments here. Those investments on paper add up to over 400-million-dollars. The chamber says other unannounced plans will take that to one-half-billion dollars.

That's the rest of the story Nancy O'Neill wants to tell. Her advertising and pr agency, Engel O'Neill, helped put the digital publication together. She says a positive Erie image must be, and is supported by facts. She wants residents to do more than defend the region. She says they should be ambassadors. "The residents, just like the employees of a company are the brand ambassadors, and it's great that everybody's defending Erie, but you have to continue to promote Erie," O'Neill said.

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