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Co Working Spaces Thrive in Pennsylvania: Leading a Global Trend

Posted on October 12th, 2017 at 11:44 AM
Co Working Spaces Thrive in Pennsylvania: Leading a Global Trend

Pennsylvania's coworking industry is growing. Across the state from Philadelphia to Erie, Pittsburgh to Lancaster, and many communities between, coworking has become the center of gravity for entrepreneurship, an accelerant of downtown revitalization, and the lifeline for the creative class. Coworking has fostered connections among Pennsylvanians and its businesses. This conference will build on that success by assessing where our industry is at and how PA coworking spaces can continue to serve as leaders in our communities and our industry.

First to host the inaugural PA Coworking Conference is The Candy Factory, in Lancaster, PA which has recently completed a 14,000 sq. ft. renovation of the historical Lancaster Storage Company. This open concept office space, designed for small businesses, nonprofits, creatives, and  remote workers  is ideal to host the  100 coworking founders, manager, and leading members who will gather there. They'll spend 3 days discussing the future of work and strategies for their coworking spaces in PA and across the nation. The conference will run Thursday, November 2 to Saturday, November 4, 2017. It features panel discussions, skill sharing, industry speakers, including Alex Hillman, Founder of Indy Hall (Philadelphia), Sean Fedorko, Founder of Radius CoWork (Erie), Josh Lucas, Founder of Work Hard Pittsburgh, Angel Kwiatowski from Cohere Community in Colorado, and more.

The media and attendees can look forward to a social meet and greet at Tellus360, catering from Perkup & Co., lunch with Reunion Soul Food. Complete schedule can be found here: and further details can be found on Facebook or by searching for "1st Annual PA Coworking Conference."


Event starts as attendees gather for a meetup coworking day at the Candy Factory.


Formal conference starts at 9:00am with a full day of speakers, panels, and Q&A.


An UNconference day designed by attendees over breakfast to focus on skill sharing and discussion topics not covered the previous day.

Registration is open to anyone leading a coworking community or curious about coworking and community-driven businesses.  Tickets available on Eventbrite or at

 About The Candy Factory:

Established in 2010, The Candy Factory is a coworking space I community providing a professional yet relaxed work environment for individuals and businesses in Lancaster, PA.