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Edinboro continues commitment to innovative career services with uConnect partnership

Posted on October 30th, 2018 at 8:28 AM
Edinboro continues commitment to innovative career services with uConnect partnership

Edinboro University attracts a diverse population of students known for their passion, perseverance and grit. 

Undergraduate students attend Edinboro to develop the skills and experiences needed to land their first job, and graduate students and adult learners are often looking to Edinboro to help them accelerate their career or even embark on a career change. 

On Monday, Edinboro launched a new platform that includes an innovative approach to career services that integrates the entire ecosystem into supporting students with career development early in the student experience – even before the first campus visit. 

Edinboro University is now collaborating with uConnect’s higher-education marketing platform to deliver TartanEdge, a platform for prospective and current students, alumni, employers, faculty and staff to access the wide range of career support Edinboro makes available to their students. uConnect provides Edinboro a simple, intuitive and highly-effective way to communicate, market and curate their valuable career-related resources and integrate their entire ecosystem into career support.   

“We have a philosophical belief that supporting the career needs of our students is everyone’s responsibility and that every student should be supported in a meaningful way,” said Monica Clem, executive director of Career Development and Experiential Learning at Edinboro. “We needed to make career development an integral part of our campus culture and do so in a way that would scale to meet the needs of everyone.” 

Within TartanEdge, resources are curated for different affinity communities, including those supporting candidates with accessibility needs, diverse candidates, LGBTQIA+, and veterans. The Career Center has also partnered with the Alumni Relations Office to offer specialized information, resources and job listings for early, mid and advanced career alumni. 

“This platform provides our entire community an easy way to access what was previously disparate resources and curates and communicates this information in a meaningful manner that will drive engagement and utilization,” Clem said. 

Edinboro University is creating this culture of career development for its students and alumni using an approach that is compelling and drives outcomes.

“Students enrolled at Edinboro know how meaningful this is,” said David Kozhuk, founder of uConnect. “We’re excited to provide a marketing platform that will help them strengthen their reputation by making it easy for prospective students to also see how dedicated the entire institution is to their career success.” 

Edinboro has an active community including faculty, coaches and employer-partners across the institution that are dedicated to the students’ success. Additionally, Edinboro offers a broad range of experiential learning and technology-based resources such as career assessments, customized job boards, interview preparation and more that students can utilize for career exploration and preparedness. 

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