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Erie Homecoming to Welcome Nearly 300 Attendees for Two Day Investment Conference

Posted on August 15th, 2019 at 12:52 PM
Erie Homecoming to Welcome Nearly 300 Attendees for Two Day Investment Conference

Erie Homecoming 2019, presented by the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, is fast approaching.  Next Monday, August 19th, Erie will welcome nearly 300 attendees to our city on the lake for two days of dynamic discussions about the future of our community.  Visitors from Washington DC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Detroit, and Pittsburgh will travel great lengths to hear about the ongoing Erie transformation and their opportunity to be part of our story.   

Well over a hundred of our own residents have registered to learn more about the significant market momentum occurring in our City: to discuss ways to continue this revival; to discuss and provide solutions to our still very real problems.  And to envision a better path forward – not dwell on the past, but rather, gather with others to discuss how we shape the Erie region of tomorrow.  

Erie Homecoming at its core is really about one thing – opportunity.  Opportunity for our people, our community, and our future.    

Erie is truly being recognized as an Opportunity Zone leader; it's reflected in the caliber of speakers and partners collaborating on Erie Homecoming.  

John Lettieri – one of our keynote speakers – was instrumental in creating the tax incentive.  His organization released a white paper that sparked the tax incentive.   

Scott Turner is the Executive Director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council; he responsible for coordinating 14 federal agencies to more strategically deploy public funding into Opportunity Zones across the country.   

Partners for the event include Accelerator for America, KPMG, Mastercard’s Center for Inclusive Growth, Erie Insurance and numerous sponsors demonstrating broad support not only across Erie but across the country. We are truly honored that people from every level of government and every level of leadership within the business community see the value that we see in Erie. 

Our best days are truly yet to come and we fully intend to use this momentum to our advantage as a catapult into a stronger and healthier economic opportunity in Erie.  Most importantly, it’s a time for Erie to be proud – be proud of our home, to be proud of our people, and be proud of our legacy. 

The ERCGP is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides advocacy and access to people, information and education as well as the leadership to attract, retain and expand business in the Erie region.  Over 800 businesses currently belong to the ERCGP. For more information on the ERCGP, visit