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Flagship Opportunity Zone Development Company Launches Online Portal

Posted on April 17th, 2019 at 9:56 AM
Flagship Opportunity Zone Development Company Launches Online Portal

The Erie Regional Chamber and the Flagship Opportunity Zone Development Company launched the region’s first Opportunity Zone project portal today.

The website is dedicated to promoting potential Opportunity Zone projects to investors at a local, regional, and national level. It was funded with support from the Erie Community Foundation and will be the city’s central portal to attract investment to the region moving forward.

The portal’s interactive and intuitive design aligns with nationwide trends and positions the region to highlight the City of Erie’s investment prospectus, which officially launched last October.

“Simply put, the portal paints a picture for potential investors on why Erie is a smart investment,” said Brett Wiler, director of capital formation for the Flagship Opportunity Zone Development Corporation. Wiler continued, “The interactive GIS map highlights the eight Opportunity Zone census tracts within the city. Various story maps also outline the numerous reasons investors should be thinking about strategic investments within the Erie market.”

The website – created by Epic Web Studios, an Erie-based web design firm – includes the full investment prospectus and is integrated with the Choose Erie microsite. This partnership created powerful modules for investors to explore real-time market data about Erie. The data includes information about the overall business climate, customer and competitive landscapes, local infrastructure, local industry trends, workforce, community facilities, and a database of available commercial and industrial properties.

“When corporations are scouting locations, a vast majority are removed from the contender list due to a lack of information available online,” said Wiler. “We want to ensure Erie is on the short list; a data-driven website like the one we’re launching today increases our opportunities ten-fold.”

The website will continue to evolve to include a project portfolio. The online portfolio will operate as an all-encompassing directory of shovel-ready projects that have been vetted and are aligned with the region’s assets, making the opportunity as seamless as possible for potential investors. 

“The portfolio will contain specific project information and gives developers and investors a direct line of communication with project leads,” said Wiler. He expects the project portfolio to be active before the end of the month.

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