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Flagship Opportunity Zone Development Company Launches Project Portfolio

Posted on July 2nd, 2019 at 8:02 AM
Flagship Opportunity Zone Development Company Launches Project Portfolio

The Flagship Opportunity Zone Development Company (FOZDC), part of the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, announced today the roll-out of their newly-established project portfolio. Selected projects range from multi-phase, mixed-use development projects to technology-enabled operating businesses, to available land and buildings.  The portfolio will be marketed broadly to a network of investors, developers, social impact organizations and foundations at both the local and national level.

“We’re very excited to launch our project portfolio to the public today,” said Brett Wiler, vice president of capital formation with the Flagship Opportunity Zone Development Company.  “We’ve carefully vetted and evaluated these projects, and we’re confident that these opportunities will attract investor and developer attention, and that the subsequent investment will have a positive impact on the Erie community.”

The project portfolio features a story map to illustrate the project locations, proximity to ongoing investment projects and planned public infrastructure projects. In addition, each project features an executive summary for investors to learn more about the project and directly connect with the project sponsors. 

“We felt that it was important to curate a diverse and robust set of potential projects before we rolled out the portfolio to the greater public,” said Wiler.  “Our representation of real estate projects, operating businesses, community projects, and available land and buildings send a positive risk signal to the external pool of Opportunity Zone investors, demonstrating that Erie is rich with opportunity and open for business.”

Part of the vetting process and ongoing project management includes an integrated partnership between the Opportunity Zone Task Force, the Opportunity Zone Advisory Committee, and the Erie Neighborhood Growth Partnership (ENGP).

The committees use a set of Guiding Principles created by the Flagship Opportunity Zone Development Company in their evaluations.

The Guiding Principles can be seen here.

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