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Micro Mold & Plastikos continue to invest in our greatest asset, our employees

Posted on September 8th, 2017 at 8:33 AM
Micro Mold & Plastikos continue to invest in our greatest asset, our employees

Erie, Pa (August 17, 2017) – Technology is always evolving, and so is the demand for employees who are properly trained in their respected professions. At Plastikos & Micro Mold, we regularly invest in our employees’ continued education by enrolling them in various levels of certification programs, training courses, and job specific classes. Throughout the 2016 fiscal year Micro Mold & Plastikos dedicated more than $51,000 over a wide range of training opportunities for employees in different position levels. To date, over $25,000 has already been dedicated to employee training for FY17. We believe that training helps enhance each employee’s capabilities and qualifications, which subsequently enables them to perform their job functions with higher levels of accuracy and confidence.

Among the various courses and programs that we use, RJG, an internationally recognized leader in injection molding training, has provided us with some of the most effective training for our Engineering and Production Departments. Many members of our engineering staff have completed Master Molder I while some have also acquired Master Molder II.

A member of Plastikos’ management staff recently completed the RJG Master Molder I Technical Training, RJG Master Molder II Training, and the RJG Certified Instructor Certification. With a Certified Instructor at Plastikos, it enables employees to be trained on-site for various courses that RJG offers which includes Math for Molders, Injection Molding Essentials, Systematic Molding, and Decoupled II Workshop. This greatly enhances our own training abilities, and it eliminates the need for us to send employees offsite.

In July of 2017, three (3) members of our Team completed the (RJG) Scientific and Systematic Molding course in-house. This three-day course combines classroom instruction and real-life examples through on-the-job training exercises. Specific areas are highlighted such as mold & part design considerations, process control, instrumentation strategies, and more. The course itself can be tailored to our facility if it is taught by an employee who is a certified instructor. Therefore, we are able to use our own technology and machinery throughout the training. This further improves each employees understanding of injection molding knowledge and it provides them with even more experience with the equipment that they will be using on a day-to-day basis. To date, we have eight (8) employees who have completed a variation of courses on-site, and we have over a dozen who are eligible to enroll and complete training throughout the upcoming Fall and Winter months.

In addition to RJG, Plastikos & Micro Mold also utilize the Manufacture & Business Association (MBA), a non-profit employers’ association dedicated to helping businesses succeed by providing a number of services and benefits to local members. Recently, our Supervisors took part in a Supervisory Skills Series that the MBA offers. This ten-day series presents the skills needed to properly motivate and direct employees to meet company goals, quality standards and compliance. A high emphasis is placed on management techniques that are essential to the success of both the supervisor and the company.

Employees may also take part in other various courses that include the MBA’s Leadership For Team Leaders Series. A five-day series that shows newly appointed supervisors how to properly guide their teams to reach various company goals.  It also helps them learn how to cope when faced with difficult situations and how to properly and successfully handle them.

Philip Katen, Plastikos President & General Manager, proudly supports the companies’ continuous improvement efforts. “At Plastikos & Micro Mold, we view the investment in our people as an essential piece of our larger continuous improvement strategy. We recognize that our people truly are our greatest asset, so we allocate the time and financial resources to continually grow & develop that talent.”  Katen continued, “And in the end, we believe that our investment in our people will yield significant benefits for our customers, to our employees as they progress through their respective careers, and ultimately for our Company.”


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Based in Erie, Pa., Micro Mold & Plastikos specialize in precision mold design & fabrication as well as tight-tolerance injection molding. Our unique Lifetime Mold Warranty program is a testament of our devotion towards manufacturing the highest quality products for our customers. Our primary fields of expertise relating to plastic manufacturing include; medication delivery systems, surgical eye care, microfluidic, and electronic connector, among others. Our medical molding room is controlled through an ISO 7 cleanroom (class 10,000) with press tonnages ranging from 88T – 220T. Both companies have achieved leading industry recognition as the “Processor of the Year” and “Best Places to Work” awards, presented by leading industry publications.