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Presque Isle State Park Recruiting Lifeguards 2020 Swim Season

Posted on November 26th, 2019 at 12:13 PM
Presque Isle State Park Recruiting Lifeguards 2020 Swim Season

Presque Isle State Park is now hiring lifeguards for the 2020 summer season. For individuals to qualify for the position of Lake Erie Lifeguard, applicants must be 16 years of age and an above average swimmer with well-rounded athletic ability. The starting hourly wage is $13.97. This is a full-time seasonal position based on a 40 hour pay period.

The Presque Isle Lifeguards are holding a lifeguard certification course. A series of five classes will be conducted from December 7th through December 28th. Each class will be on a Saturday and Sunday at Iroquois High School Natatorium. The cost is $200.00 with a rebate of $100.00, contingent upon completion of the lifeguarding course, and a successful season as a Presque Isle State Park Lifeguard.  Lake Erie Lifeguard Supervisors, and Managers teach this course with emphasis on skills directed towards open water lifeguarding. Individuals interested in this course must be 16 years of age and successfully complete the prerequisite skills test in order to participate in the course.

Presque Isle State Park Lifeguards are also hosting an Open House on Sunday, December 15th from 11AM – 3PM at the Public Safety Building (across from beach 6). The Open House will include a facility walkthrough, exhibits and demonstrations, Q&A presentation with Lifeguard Supervisors and Managers, and the opportunity to apply for the position of Lake Erie Lifeguard.

Anyone interested in obtaining more information about Lake Erie Lifeguarding positions at Presque Isle State Park can call (814)-833-0526. The Presque Isle Lifeguarding staff is available to answer any questions about the position or walk anyone interested in the position through the application process by calling Lifeguard Headquarters at (814)-833-0526.