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The Human Society of NWPA Celebrates 125 Years

Posted on November 15th, 2017 at 1:18 PM
The Human Society of NWPA Celebrates 125 Years

Erie, PA–For 125 years, the Humane Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania has been a vital part of the Erie Community, serving as a refuge for abandoned, abused, neglected, and unwanted animals.

On November 14, 1892, the Northwestern Pennsylvania Humane Society was incorporated as a private, non-profit, charitable organization of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The initial purpose of the Humane Society of NWPA was the prevention of cruelty to elderly persons, children, and animals within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and to enforce all laws enacted by the PA Government for their protection.

The organization has grown and evolved, significantly, over the past 125 years. Since 2015, the Humane Society has refocused its efforts on Rescuing, Rehabilitating, and Rehoming pets to the best of their ability. This renewed vision is to ensure refuge, develop relationships, and work with companion animals that are in need of rehabilitation prior to adoption.

Operating under “no-kill” standards, the Humane Society of NWPA works to rehabilitate the whole pet – understanding their behavior, medical, and emotional needs. Because of their dedication and commitment to reintegration efforts, over 2,500 homeless pets of all breeds and sizes have been adopted into the best possible homes or returned to their owners, while pets remaining at the shelter are given the opportunity to start a fresh chapter while waiting to find their forever families.

“We believe every animal deserves a second chance and we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing them with the utmost quality of care and compassion while they reside with us,” Bawol said.

Bawol and her staff, along with the Board of Directors, have spent the past two years expanding and improving services offered, not only to the animals in their care, but to the community as a whole, including more outreach, youth programs, educating about their mission, and making a commitment to placing pets into safe, loving homes.

Pets available for adoption at the shelter have no time limit. The staff put their resources to work while pets wait to be placed in a home. Pets receive enrichment, socialization, nourishment, medical care, and love from the moment they come through the doors to the moment they leave the shelter with their new family.

Over the years, while so much has changed, just as much remains the same. Our work is far from done.
The animal welfare industry has grown significantly in our community. Services once provided only by the Humane Society now involve many shelters, rescues, and other organizations dedicated to protecting and caring for needy animals. The Humane Society of NWPA continues to evolve in order to meet the challenges of providing for these pets.

“On November 14, 1892, our founders had a dream; a dream we have been entrusted with and we whole-heartedly intend to carry that dream on each day as we work hard to make a better life for our shelter pets,” said Bawol. “We are grateful to the Erie community for their continued support and for believing in our mission and we look forward to working together to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.”