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Monday September 28,  2020
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Chamber announces the next round of investment into the Secure Erie Accelerator Program. Secure Erie Accelerator provides high-growth-potential companies access to a seven-week program designed to spark growth and diversify Erie's economy.

The Erie Regional Chamber announced today the Fall 2020 Cohort of the Secure Erie Accelerator Program. Six companies were selected to participate in this year’s cohort, including four local companies. The companies include Arlene, Glass, Leverage4Data, M3 Unmanned SystemsSafeFlightand WerkBerry. 
Accelerator programs are designed to be short-term programs that can spark immense growth for a start-up still in the early stages of business,” said Jordan Fuller, director of the Secure Erie Accelerator at the Erie Regional Chamber. “It provides cash infusion to the business, which can mean the difference between overcoming a hurdle and accelerating revenue potential versus closing up shop. Beyond the seven-week program and the investment, the ERCGP partners with each of the companies to develop the relationship and foster growth through post accelerator work and the SEA Alumni Network”  
Over the next six weeks, participating companies will undergo a rigorous analysis of their business and receive custom training and mentorship designed to connect the business with local resources. Accelerators often attract businesses to new communities and can result in job growth. Previous accelerator participates made extensive connections within Erie’s business network spurring additional investment, development, and partnership opportunities. Each company will also present during Erie Homecoming 2020: Erie’s Economic Evolution  

"Accelerator programs drive innovation in new and existing industries, often exposing niche opportunities for high-growth companies to scale quickly and dramatically increase its potential impact on a community,” said Jake Rouch, vice president of economic development at the Erie Regional Chamber. “Programs like this are integral to the success of Erie Forward and are a fantastic way for our region to attract interest from outside companies as well as create a more dynamic and diversified economy.”  
The Secure Erie Accelerator works with early-stage businesses that have an innovative concept, high potential to scale, and a dedicated team or founder that can execute. Those interested in learning more about the progress of this year’s Secure Erie Accelerator cohort can sign up here. We'll be featuring a company each week throughout the duration of the program and invite you to follow along and learn about exciting work happening here in Erie. 

A New-York-based startup founded by Erie natives that connects people and brands in immersive environments.

An Erie-based innovative startup that is accelerating the pace of IoT implementation with a platform software solution that simplifies the embedded engineering process.

An Erie-based startup that provides small manufacturing companies with web-based applications to ensure that new parts are made successfully and meet customer expectations.

M3 Unmanned Systems
An Erie-based startup that brings together the latest in IoT, machine learning, and cloud computing into an integrated solution that allows the agriculture community to deploy a multitude of sensors across their fields to allow for real-time tracking of critical data.

A Nevada-based startup near Incline Village that brings together software and hardware to provide identification, validation, response, investigation, and reporting for drone misuse, laser illuminations, and other low altitude airspace violations. 

An Erie-based startup that provides an all-in-one, cloud-based, job advertising platform for small and medium employers, which reaches both active and passively seeking candidates. Werkbery is also a Ben Franklin Technology Partners portfolio company. 










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