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Tuesday July 9,  2019
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submitted by Colleen Campbell, ERCGP Intern

Neighborhood organizations are restoring vibrancy to the city’s foundation. Business, nonprofit, political and community leaders are coming to the table, hosting a People’s Supper to discuss an inclusive future. Entrepreneurs and innovators from all backgrounds are strengthening the pulse of our business ecosystem while Opportunity Zones create hope for a burst of investment in projects that will uplift our beloved neighborhoods. Erie has so much potential to be a place of equality, prosperity, and growth.

But, our city has such a long way to go.

My name is Colleen Campbell and I grew up attending Erie’s Public Schools, taking Sunday rides around the dock, and shoveling snow out of the end of my driveway every time that the plows had passed.  I am a recent graduate of Gettysburg College with a strong interest in economics, public policy, and the well-being of residents of the city. In the fall, I plan to attend law school, so I may learn a bit more about community development processes. I absolutely love Erie, and I believe in its ability to move forward in a way which surpasses precedent.

Community progress across the country is one of my favorite topics to research, however, it does little for our city if it is not contextualized among our challenges. How do other cities mitigate and reverse negative population trends? What does it take to foster the development of a talented and passionate workforce? How may our city serve residents equitably through development practices?

Throughout the remaining months of my summer internship with the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, I hope to share some interesting findings with you on some of Erie’s most intriguing development questions. However, above all else, I’d like to share some pretty candid frustration with our obstacles, excitement for our progress and potential, and my passion for our city.

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