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Saturday August 4,  2018
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The Jefferson Educational Society and Erie County Historical Society are pleased to announce an open call for papers for upcoming issues of the Journal of Erie Studies. JoES is a peer-reviewed, scholarly publication that features essays relevant to the interdisciplinary history of the Lake Erie region and focuses on fostering interest and understanding in the heritage and culture of northwestern Pennsylvania, and those sections of Ohio, New York, and Ontario bordering Lake Erie. Founded in 1972 as a university publication, the journal has a long history of publishing unique perspectives on a variety of topics and subject matter to contribute to the broader research in the field while initiating thoughtful discussion of related topics. 

The Journal of Erie Studies is currently looking for articles on a wide range of interdisciplinary topics. At the present, we are especially interested in topics related to Women and Gender Studies, Diversity, Race and Ethic Studies, and Immigration within the Lake Erie Region to further encourage the emerging and timely conversations within these areas. Other areas of interest for the journal include but are not limited to:

  • Environmental issues impacting the Lake Erie Region
  • Regional Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Historical Figures
  • Maritime History
  • Industrial and Economic History (in general or specific companies and products)
  • Canadian – American Relations
  • Lake Erie literary analysis/criticism
  • Regional Perspectives on Historical topics
  • Lake Erie Region Medical Advances and Studies
  • Historical Buildings
  • Regional Politics
  • Natural History
  • Regional Educational History and Scholarship
  • Regional Humanities and Art Criticism and Analysis
  • Regional Military History of the Area or Regional Figures

Other interdisciplinary and scholarly topics relevant to the Lake Erie region will also be considered.

Guidelines for Submission:

Submissions should be clear, well-researched, professional, and scholarly essays, but written for a broadly educated audience and avoid disciplinary-specific jargon.

To submit, please email essay submissions of no more than 15 – 20 pages in length, including citations following The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, author/date form in .doc, docx, or PDF format to with name and contact information redacted from the essay. Explanatory footnotes should only be used sparingly, and articles must contain a Reference list. Include author name and contact information (email, mailing address, and telephone number) in a separate document. 

Questions regarding the journal or submissions should be directed to the Editor, Dr. Marcia K. Farrell,

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  • lake erie
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