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Thursday March 28,  2019
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How to Get Your Promoters to Share You

In today's connected world, social media and online content plays a powerful role in how your business is perceived. With the right strategies, you can transform your current customers, followers, and fans into a powerful, low-cost army of online marketers who are ready and willing to promote your business to friends, family members, and beyond.

Start By Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

If you've ever received less-than-impressive service from a company, chances are good you may not have bothered to write a negative review about your experience - that is unless you were directly asked to share your experiences.

Before you begin soliciting positive reviews from your customers, make sure that they're happy with you and your products or services. According to Simon Casuto, co-founder and president of eLearning Mind, "If you want an NPS (Net Promoter Score - a measure of customer loyalty) that tells you your customers feel great about the experience they're having with your business, you have to go beyond simply meeting their's about constantly getting to know and understand your customer, and nurture that relationship continuously."

Build Your Social Media Base

Promoters are the movers and shakers of the social media world - that's why you need to engage with them frequently by providing meaningful content that they'll be inclined to like and share with their own followers. Be sure to stay active on your social media accounts, respond quickly to any questions or concerns, and use a social media automation system that lets you actively monitor for any mentions.

Thank Your Followers

Providing special shout-outs, promotions, and subscriber-only deals is a great way to boost your brand and encourage promoters to share your content. Be sure to thank your followers frequently, and avoid the urge to constantly ask for positive reviews, otherwise, your audience will quickly convert from fans to cynics.

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