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Wednesday April 21,  2021

Meet the Candidates is an annual education series to connect the business community to citizens seeking public office in Erie County. Candidates were invited to complete a brief questionnaire; answers appear as provided by the candidate. The views expressed below are not those of the Erie Regional Chamber. We invite you to get to know the candidates and mark your calendars to vote in Pennsylvania's Primary Election on Tuesday, May 18th. 

Meet the Candidate: Jordan Lander
Lake City Borough, Mayoral Race

Current Employer(s)
Erie's Public Schools

About Jordan
For over ten years, Jordan Lander has been an urban educator and proud father of three. His work and projects range between education, computer science, and politics. While fulfilling his role as a science educator, he also enjoys being a musician, AI researcher, political consultant, digital marketer, and tutor. He is running for mayor of Lake City, PA.

Why are you running to be the mayor of Lake City?

I love my community and want to be a representative voice for my neighbors.

What are your top three priorities you wish to work on if elected?

Protect the Community, Advocate for Citizens and Law Enforcement, and Promote Local Businesses.

How would you be an advocate for key education initiatives such as the Erie County Community College, K-12 education, and early education as they relate to workforce development?

I am an educator for both young students and adults seeking employment and their high school equivalency credentials. I see my students struggle when they cannot get proper training and education and I am happy when I connect them to community resources, workforce skills training, and job opportunities. Every day I am an advocate for workforce development inside and outside of my jobs as an educator.

How will you work to advocate for the modernization of public health infrastructure and encourage public/private partnerships to address deficiencies in our public health system? 

I would gather data on our community's current needs to access affordable healthcare, vaccinations, and PPE, including our workers and businesses, and advocate for them. It means working with community members, key stakeholders, experts related to public health, elected officials, and regional partners, authorities, boards, and commissions. A leader must articulate the vision and mission of their community. It would be key to get voices in one direction and set goals based on our data-driven decisions and needs.

According to, Erie County is estimated to have lost over 28% of small businesses. How would you work to encourage financial stability within local and state governments without overburdening the small business community?

It would be important to assess our community's immediate needs including mental health, individuals, families, employees, and businesses. We then need to seek recovery guidance from business experts, find recovery resources, and available funding for assisting growth and development.

Our community is expecting a total of $225 million or more in American Recovery Plan funds.  As a community leader, how would you prioritize this funding?

See previous answers.

Pittsburgh has seen success with tools such as Tax Increment Finance and Transit Revitalization Investment District to spur their City’s revitalization.  Are you willing to make long-term investments in economic development?

I favor requiring large development projects to seek funding from state sources to reflect the community where they are being built. This can, in part, be accomplished through training and hiring on the development and construction side, as well as with permanent jobs created by the finished project. I would fight for equitable hiring, project labor agreements, and Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs). I favor tax breaks when tied to CBA’s because I recognize that whenever private industry and developers are given the gift of a tax break, in return, citizens deserve living wage jobs and other tangible benefits.

Revitalization must involve the voices of the critical stakeholders of the community. I would encourage input from my constituents, labor, and community organizations via surveys, public meetings, and hearings. I will appoint or recommend local community members' appointments to relevant Authorities, Boards, and Commissions to gather data and expert knowledge, assess needs and opportunities for growth and push to meet our community's goals for revitalization.

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