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Wednesday April 21,  2021

Meet the Candidates is an annual education series to connect the business community to citizens seeking public office in Erie County. Candidates were invited to complete a brief questionnaire; answers appear as provided by the candidate. The views expressed below are not those of the Erie Regional Chamber. We invite you to get to know the candidates and mark your calendars to vote in Pennsylvania's Primary Election on Tuesday, May 18th. 

Meet the Candidate: Justin Peter Pacansky
Fairview Township Supervisor

Current Employer(s)
Erie Sand and Gravel

About Justin
I was born and raised on my family farm in Fairview. I’m a 4th generation Farmer, a 2005 FHS graduate, a US Air Force Vet, and a 2011 graduate of Edinboro University. Since 2013 I have been a freelance commercial diver and underwater welder.

Why are you running for Fairview Township Supervisor?

To ensure my future children will have the same opportunities I had growing up.

What are your top three priorities you wish to work on if elected?

Expanded school zones for our children’s safe commute, controlled growth using Fairview zoning, and continue with our downtown renovation.

How would you be an advocate for key education initiatives such as the Erie County Community College, K-12 education, and early education as they relate to workforce development?

Our children are our future, they are our highest incentive, anything we can do to help them grow into good human beings should be our number one priority.

How will you work to advocate for the modernization of public health infrastructure and encourage public/private partnerships to address deficiencies in our public health system? 

Listen to the expert’s suggestions and opinions as well as the people’s thoughts on this issue and come up with a plan to address this.

According to, Erie County is estimated to have lost over 28% of small businesses. How would you work to encourage financial stability within local and state governments without overburdening the small business community?

Fairview is currently very stable, I would continue to work with the other two supervisors to continue the economic growth and stability.

Our community is expecting a total of $225 million or more in American Recovery Plan funds.  As a community leader, how would you prioritize this funding?

Again, our first priority is our children and schools, an expanded school zone would force drivers to slow down at crosswalks. I would then look at our parks and recreation areas to provide the residents with areas to seek relaxation and comfort in our busy lives.

Pittsburgh has seen success with tools such as Tax Increment Finance and Transit Revitalization Investment District to spur their City’s revitalization.  Are you willing to make long-term investments in economic development?

The Fairview downtown renovation is the current long-term investment. I haven’t looked into such tools as opportunity zones or the TIF.

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