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Wednesday April 21,  2021

Meet the Candidates is an annual education series to connect the business community to citizens seeking public office in Erie County. Candidates were invited to complete a brief questionnaire; answers appear as provided by the candidate. The views expressed below are not those of the Erie Regional Chamber. We invite you to get to know the candidates and mark your calendars to vote in Pennsylvania's Primary Election on Tuesday, May 18th. 

Meet the Candidate: Timothy Gostomoski
Erie County Council and Erie School Board

Current Employer(s)
Retired, Verizon
Part-Time, Fisher Security

About Timothy
I was born on 4/24/59 in Forestville NY. I attended Holy Rosary School and St John Kanty Prep. I graduated From Gannon University in 1992 with a BA in Arts and Humanities with a concentration in Political Science and Geography. I have taken several courses since in Education and Computers. I currently belong to the SHU, the Polish Foresters, and the Apartment Association, I am a Life Member of the NRA. I retired from Verizon and own 2 properties in the city. I am single. Formally I was involved in the local Republican Party and was on the Board of Directors of both the SHU and Polish Businessmen 's Club.

Why are you running to be Erie County Council and Erie School Board?

I am worried about the direction we are taking and want this one-time money we receive is not wasted.

What are your top three priorities you wish to work on if elected?

Economic Development, Infrastructure, and improved Internet access.

How would you be an advocate for key education initiatives such as the Erie County Community College, K-12 education, and early education as they relate to workforce development?

What really needs to be done is to see how we can improve the workings of the Erie School District. I have no specific proposals at this time.

How will you work to advocate for the modernization of public health infrastructure and encourage public/private partnerships to address deficiencies in our public health system? 

I have no specific proposals at this time.

According to, Erie County is estimated to have lost over 28% of small businesses. How would you work to encourage financial stability within local and state governments without overburdening the small business community?

We need to look at ways of reducing both the tax and regulatory burdens placed on businesses. One place to begin would be to see how we can reduce the scope of government and make it more effective where it needs to act. Throwing more money at problems is not a sustainable strategy in politics or business.

Our community is expecting a total of $225 million or more in American Recovery Plan funds.  As a community leader, how would you prioritize this funding?

It should be spent on one-time projects and expenses for example paying down debt. It should not be used to prop up continuing expenses.

Pittsburgh has seen success with tools such as Tax Increment Finance and Transit Revitalization Investment District to spur their City’s revitalization.  Are you willing to make long-term investments in economic development?

I am in favor of Opportunity Zones, Tax Abatement , Land Tax reform and other tools to spur economic growth not redistribution. We need a bigger pie not smaller pieces and growth is what will accomplish that.

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