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Friday November 30, 2018 

Who Joined the ERCGP in November?

Please help us welcome the newest members to the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership!

Thank you for your investment. We look forward to working with you!

Our investors represent 800+ companies and more than 70,000 employees in the Erie region. If you know of a business that could benefit by becoming a member of the Erie Regional Chamber, refer them to Nancy Irwin, Development Director, or Steve Walters, Sales Manager.

Membership Information

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Tuesday November 27, 2018 



ERCGP Members Highlighted in WICU/WSEE in November

In partnership with Lilly Broadcasting, the Erie Regional Chamber sponsors Giving You the Business segments which air weekly on WSEE35 and WICU12 during the 5:30PM. Monday broadcast and Tuesday mornings in the 6-7AM. hour.
Each segment takes viewers behind the scenes of a local business they may not have a chance to see.

November's highlighted members:

Giving You the Business segments highlight members of the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, and is a free membership benefit! Contact our office if you would like viewers to see behind the scenes at your business! Email marketing director Nadeen Schmitz, or phone 814-454-7191 x139 to schedule your segment.

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Monday November 26, 2018 

As a business owner, are you in touch with the needs of your target demographic group? Do you have an understanding of what they're looking for and how your brand can meet their needs? Do you have a clear statement that outlines why the goods or services you offer are of better value and will solve your customers' problems more effectively than a competitors' offerings?

At its core, a marketing value proposition is a clear statement that explains how your product or service is relevant to your customers, how it will provide a specific benefit to them, and why they should buy from you and not your competitor. It should encompass three elements: your target buyer and their problem, how you solve their problem, and why you solve their problem better than anyone else.

The biggest mistake that businesses make when creating their marketing value proposition is that they are too vague. Here are a few questions to consider to find out if your marketing value proposition is working for your business.

Is It Relevant and Easy to Understand?

Is your marketing value proposition relevant to the needs of your target market? Is it riddled with technical jargon that can't be easily understood by someone who doesn't have a background in the industry? Your value proposition should be in the language of your customer, reflecting the problems that they have and the solutions they need.

Is it Credible?

Even if your value proposition is compelling, if it sounds too good to be true or if you can't point to real-life results that support it, you'll undermine your own efforts. Your statement should be believable and credible.

Can It Adapt to Changes in Your Business or Industry?

Your marketing value proposition is far more than a friendly blurb that you post on your About Us page. It creates a framework for not only how your customers think about your business but also how you and your employees think about your business. A value proposition that is too confining and doesn't adapt to future growth and development will not work. As your business grows and changes and as your industry evolves, will your value proposition still hold true?

Does It Resonate with Your Audience?

Unless your value proposition elicits an emotional response, it will be quickly forgotten. Your value proposition should resonate with your audience by grabbing your customers' attention and being memorable. They should see their own needs in it and feel an emotional connection with your mission.

Your business may be but one fish in a sea full of competitors that all offer essentially the same features. This is why an effective marketing value proposition is so important: it goes beyond dry, standard features to showcase the rich benefits that your business is in a unique position to provide. Your marketing value proposition sets your brand apart from your competitors, demonstrating to your target audience how you understand them and have oriented your business around their needs.

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Wednesday November 21, 2018 

We at the Erie Regional Chamber are sincerely grateful for your ongoing support and wish you and yours a bountiful Thanksgiving!

Gobble Gobble!

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Tuesday November 20, 2018 

Get up, get out, shop small

Small Business Saturday, traditionally held the Saturday after Thanksgiving, is a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all THEY do for our community. Set for November 24th this year, the #ShopSmall movement began in 2010 and has grown in support and participation every year. The Erie Regional Chamber continues to be a Neighborhood Champion in support of the movement and of our local small businesses. 

Check out our Member Directory and make a list of those businesses you'd like to visit and support on #SmallBusinessSaturday. Retail shopping yes of course, but don't forget about our restaurants, service sector, auto shop, the beauty salon, etc. 

So this Saturday, get up, get out, and #shopsmall!

About Small Business Saturday

2017 Impact

ERCGP Membership Directory


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