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Thursday January 2,  2020
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Smart for Enterprise, Erie, and the Earth

Submitted by: Guy McUmber, Northwest Regional Director, Green Building Alliance

2030 Districts make up a global network of high-performing and resilient cities that focus on urban commercial properties. These Districts are leading the way in conserving energy, transforming buildings and improving communities. Currently, Erie is one of only twenty-four 2030 Districts around the world, including nearby Pittsburgh and Cleveland. 

Each 2030 District works to commit buildings in their city to 50% reductions in energy, water, and transportation-related emissions by the year 2030. Erie achieved final, or “Established,” status last month, with 12 Property Partners committing to the reduction goals, representing 59 buildings and over 4 million square feet. 

The Erie 2030 District also helps organizations reduce their bottom line through becoming smarter about energy and water use. Joining the Erie 2030 District allows owners and building managers to access information on market trends, best practices, and local efficiency models, ultimately leading to new ideas on how to improve building performance. 

Founding Partner Erie County recently completed a major energy efficiency project with Erie 2030 District support. This included building benchmarking and grant-making assistance, the latter which funded professional audit work. Utility savings for upgraded county properties will be at least $240,000 annually. 

Better properties will also lead to a better and more marketable Erie. This would include creating local jobs in installing retrofits and clean energy systems. Reducing utility costs are not only good for owners but also create more desirable rental properties and happier tenants. 

In addition, efficiency programs reduce grid reliance and thereby make cities more resilient when facing extreme weather events. Clean and efficient energy and water use also helps ensure that we are passing on the best world possible for future generations. 

In summary, a 2030 District is an important tool for cities interested in efficiency and all its benefits. For Erie, its businesses and its future, it is just “plain smart”. 

To learn more about the Erie 2030 District, please join us for a webinar presented by Guy McUmber, on Wednesday, January 8th. The webinar will be available to view at 9 a.m., 12 noon, 3 p.m., 7 p.m., and 9 p.m. that day. Please visit this link – – and sign up for the time that is most convenient for you. You will receive a link to access the content after you sign up.

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