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Monday March 23,  2020
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Are you a manufacturer in Northwestern Pennsylvania (or other entity) with a supply of N95 masks and other crucial medical supplies? 

As the coronavirus spreads, Chambers throughout the Commonwealth are asking manufacturers and other companies for two critical needs: their back stock of N95 masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) and to turn their existing supply chain to generate addition PPE output to meet the needs of Pennsylvania's healthcare system. 

In a statement earlier today, the PA Chamber made the following request:

As the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the Commonwealth and the nation, there has been much attention paid to the fact that the health care community is critically low on the personal protective equipment (PPE) that will help guard them against contracting the virus as they continue to perform the important work of diagnosing and treating patients. That's why the PA Chamber is making two urgent requests of businesses across Pennsylvania.

The statement continues, imploring businesses to donate their back stock of N95 masks to local hospitals. Protective eye gear, medical gloves, and medical gowns are also needed by frontline healthcare workers. In some parts of the state, healthcare providers must wear the same PPE for hours, which increases their risk of infection. Additionally, businesses are asked to examine their existing supply chain and determine if additional PPE supplies are available and/or if the business has capacity to produce critical medical supplies. 

Erie businesses have been quick to respond. Several local distilleries retooled equipment from liquor to hand sanitizer in an effort to keep local healthcare facilities well-stocked, according to a recent Erie Times-News article

We hope other businesses follow suit and respond to the PA Chamber's request -- and ours -- to funnel critical supplies to where they're needed most. If your company is able to assist in this manner, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can connect you to the appropriate medical facility. 

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