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Monday July 22,  2019
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Meeting Business Owners Closer to Home

Is your business...

planning to expand?
- purchasing new equipment?
- ready to hire new people?
- in need of assistance with utilities?
- facing challenges or threats to continued growth?
- ready for a more robust marketing strategy?

These challenges are only a few of the scenarios our outreach specialists assist businesses with throughout Erie County. If any of them apply to you, then consider connecting with our Business Action Team. 

The Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership's Business Action Team will be on the road throughout Erie County over the next six weeks. The purpose of "road show" is to meet business owners closer to home and provide access to the information, education, and people that can assist local businesses in their continued success.   

"Our job is to know the ins and outs of the local economic development system so that business owners do not have to waste time researching the programs and services designed to help them succeed," said Lesley Ridge Allen‚Äč, business outreach specialist with the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership. "We want to create a 'drop-in' environment where business owners can get immediate solutions and answers to their questions without stepping away from their business for too long."

The Business Action Team will be available for one-on-one consultations with business owners, general managers, and individuals interested in starting a business. There is no requirement for businesses other than that they operate within Erie County. Chamber membership is not required.

Interested parties are encouraged to secure an appointment (though one is not required to participate) via an online scheduling tool. The team will host open office hours from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. on the following days:

  • July 18: Fairview and Millcreek
  • July 25: Harborcreek, Wesleyville, and Lawrence Park
  • July 29: Girard and Lake City
  • August 6: Edinboro and McKean
  • August 7: Waterford and Union City
  • August 8: City of Erie
  • August 12: North East - Hours 9am - 3pm this visit only
  • August 13: Albion, Cranesville, Springfield
  • August 14: Greene and Summit Townships
  • August 27: Corry

For locations in each community, please visit the "Business Action Team Road Show" on our Facebook page for details. 

About the Business Action Team 
The Business Action Team is the business retention and expansion program for the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership. The team works alongside the Chamber staff to ensure businesses within Erie County have access to the people, education, and information needed to succeed. It's run in partnership with the Northwest Commission and the Department of Community and Economic Development in Pennsylvania. Businesses do not need to be Chamber members; any business operating within Erie County is able to take advantage and can schedule a one-on-one meeting at any time. 

Don't want to wait? No problem! Schedule a meeting with an outreach specialist anytime online:

Check out the news coverage from our first road show last week from WICU/WSEE.

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