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Friday October 5,  2018
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Ready for your close-ups?

No one knows your business like you do. While it may take some getting used to, you are your own best advocate and should be featured in your own business videos. People like to know who they are dealing with. The message you deliver is crucial to landing new clients and maintaining existing relationships.

Identifying the purpose of the video will help you create a solid format. is the purpose to gain new clients, to inform them of changes in the company or products, or to create videos teaching clients how to use your products or services?

Most entrepreneurs and many small business owners have created companies from scratch. Your excitement shines through in a video explaining who you are, why you created the company, and how you got started. People enjoy hearing success stories and are more likely to be inspired to try your services or products when they learn more about the person behind the company.

Tips for Creating a Good Video

It's a good idea to practice talking and being in front of the camera prior to creating your first video. Set up a smartphone or other recording device and practice until you are comfortable with the delivery and your appearance. Placement of the recording device will make a difference in how you look, as does your hair, makeup if applicable, and clothes. Do you have a nervous habit that needs to be overcome before producing the final version? You will overcome obstacles through practice.

Write out a basic script of what you want to say. Practice, revise, and try to memorize the script so that a few note cards will be all that is necessary to jog your memory during the actual video. Speak slowly and practice modulating your voice for the best impact. Allow a smile and expression to come through.

Choose clothes that are professional, comfortable, and that blend well with the background. You want viewers to listen to the message you want to convey rather than focusing on what you are wearing. Your delivery will appear natural once you are comfortable.

Make sure you and your surroundings are reflecting the best face of your business. Keep flat surfaces tidy and polished. A business video is a great asset to any type of business. Flower shops, hotels, restaurants, web developers, CPA's. and software creators are just a handful of the industries that can create a business video starring the owner.

Once you are satisfied with the video it can be embedded on your website, and/or uploaded to your own YouTube channel. This is a prime advertising medium that can also be used to improve your website performance.

The Erie Regional Chamber can help you find people to help with recording or uploading your next video. We provide services to members throughout the area to help improve local businesses and our community.

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