Erie Market Research

Plan your entry into the Erie market the right way by using our market research tools below to learn your company’s potential in this market, the logistical and cost benefits of the Erie region and your best customer prospects and economic development/business partners for success.

For customized market information, please contact the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership's Research Team.

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Market Data

We know you don't want to read how great we think our region is (though if you ask us, we'll certainly tell you). When making an investment decision, you just want the facts. Here are the key social, economic, housing, demographic, labor and population data indicators for Erie County.


Major Employers

Erie's vibrant business community is growing increasingly more diverse. The region's strong manufacturing history has helped encourage recent growth in the healthcare, insurance, tourism and education industries.

As these areas continue to gain strength, several new sectors are beginning to emerge on the shores of Lake Erie. The region's workforce and available fresh water are generating significant interest in the craft brewing, food processing, alternative energy, and data center industries.

The future of Erie's economy, powered by our current regional investors, is exciting.

Edinboro University Students


With a highly skilled, well-trained, and motivated workforce, Erie means productivity. Indeed, the labor pool in Erie County is among our most attractive assets, and now is the time to turn this productivity engine to your purposes. There’s no ramp-up time needed. The people of Erie County are ready and waiting to go to work for you.




Timely and cost-effective distribution of your finished product is crucial to your success. In less than a day’s drive (10 hours or 600 miles) from Erie, you will be able to distribute your product to more than 30 major metropolitan areas(US and Canada) and more than 135 million people.

We have the resources to connect you to the regional distributors and get your product on the shelves of our retail outlets. When it comes to shipping throughout Pennsylvania and up and down the East Coast, Erie is home to world-class logistical firms, such as Erie's Logistics Plus, ready to handle your needs.

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Building Costs & Options

We understand that your primary focus is running your business. Real estate development, including conceptual design, permitting, estimating, financing, regulatory clearances, bidding, and construction management can become a colossal distraction.

Therefore, we have assembled a team of regional professionals (design firms, regulatory agencies, financing partners, contractors and others) who are involved in real estate construction on a regular basis. This team is managed by the Greater Erie Industrial Development Corporation. As the region’s primary, non-profit industrial development corporation, GEIDC will work with your team and our team of regional professionals.

We will work with you on whatever space arrangement you prefer – incubator, multi-tenant, turn-key, lease, lease-purchase – whatever approach helps you in the most cost-effective manner.



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